How to improve the impact of the research paper

Research writing has been around for tens of decades now. However, as more complexities in the way information are channeled continue to take shape in the postmodern world; scholars need to re-assess how they go about this important exercise. For example, how should they improve the impact of research papers?

Well, quantifying the impact of a term paper has been a subject of discussion for some time now. And while scholars have fronted different opinions, this post will delve into how one can improve this bit of writing. Notably, it is something every student research needs to emphasize on even if they contract a paper writing service for such tasks. But first things first…

What is a research paper impact?

In simple terms, the impact is the purpose one wants to achieve through research work whether it is social or economical.  For example, how do you want it to influence the masses, policymakers, economists, scholastic activities and the society at large?  Usually, a term paper like a thesis or dissertation should not only delve into a problem but also provide viable solutions to it. The reactions or actions people take thereafter further lends credence to development of meaningful thesis statements.

How do you measure the impact of a research paper?

While quantitative evaluation has been widely applicable across a range of disciplines, it further takes two specific approaches namely;

  • Citation frequency of research work in other scholarly articles
  • And the number of publications out there the public domain, preferably peer-reviewed or prestigious works.

However, measuring the impact of a research work is only an end in itself. Improving the quality of that which finally sees the light of day or gets featured in other publications is what makes amends with expectations.

Improving impact of a scholarly publication

With so many tips appearing on the web every day, finding a complete package of sure-fire tips on how to fine-tune the impact of research work is however never easy.  And while writing websites like Writing Jobz can help students achieve this, this post makes it even easier. Take a look below for insightful tips that you may never find anywhere else.

Social media mentions

In many ways, the advent of social media has changed the way researchers disseminate their work for a greater impact on the society. From Facebook mentions to professional LinkedIn profile, the platforms have become useful in impact assessment. Write, publish and share your work portfolio across a range of social channels and wait for an even bigger impact on larger sections of the society and the world at large. There are those who partake in work at home writer jobs who can help you with this in the best way possible.

Media Outreach

Mainstream media remains a powerful tool for researchers who want to communicate the progress of their work to students, governments, and policymakers. Now, when it comes to using media relations, a researcher can use podcasts, discussions and press releases to enhance the impact of a newly published work.

The Power of Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

The internet of things (IoT) makes it possible to connect with people from anywhere in the world wirelessly and with speed. However, it takes SEO knowledge to achieve the best impact out of research publications. SEO is the use of Keywords to improve exposure on the web. Whether you want other reputable works to link to it or you want it to be ranked higher and better in search engines, it is an important factor.

Use key phrases that echo the thesis statement or further anchor the hypothesis of your work in the introduction, abstract and other strategic points in your work. And when it comes to publishing it online, Meta tags, Meta descriptions and use of illustrative tools such images, graphs, audio slides and videos will improve the impact of custom term papers on audiences.

Final Thoughts

In research, nothing is as important as publishing something that will have a huge influence on readers of different demographic and societal roles. With the tips explored in this post, it is time to embark on a journey of becoming a top scholar whose works will get mentions and cited in thousands of academic publications.