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How To Become An Achiever

You can be an achiever! The people who are great achievers are self motivated people who decide their own goals and meet them with full enthusiasm. One can be an achiever in varying fields in life- academics, sports, arts etc. If you aim to be a high achiever you need to be dedicated to your goals and should be ready to put in a lot of hard work in attaining them.

Other than these two traits- time managements is also an important aspect in becoming an achiever in life. There are 4 big secrets of achievers which are mentioned in the blog of mind valley academy. You can get more knowledge about these secrets by logging in to the blog. Let us give you a preface of those secrets here:

  • Cut your excuses in half and double the amount of action to be taken:

How often we make find ourselves making excuses for attaining something that we have always wanted? We often tell ourselves that we are bound by situations for not being able to achieve something. It is not right. When we want to achieve something- we need to find ways to do so! We have to aim at one thing in life and should pursue it with all dedication and efforts. For example people who want to shed their extra weight are found cribbing about lack of time. However, dedicating 15 minutes in the morning and 15 minutes post dinner can also be a good idea to start something if planned accordingly.

  • Be ready to be laughed at:

When you are going to do something new and different, people may laugh at you in the beginning. For example if you plan to start a business of your own by leaving your well paid job- people may mock upon you. They may advise you to not to go out of your comfort zone. But the truth is that- mountains cannot be crossed by sitting in an office. You need to take some initial steps to achieve the difficult tasks. So, be ready to be laughed upon. These people will be the ones who clap for you when you become an achiever.

  • Out-fail the people around you

When you meet the people around you they may try to boast of their achievements and success. But when you are just going to start your own journey, you need to ignore their positions. With dedication and perseverance you can out-fail the people around you. Be focussed and clear of what you want and then work in that direction in trying to achieve that.

  • Be fit:

One of the least talked secrets of achievers is that – you need to be fit!

Pay attention to your fitness every day. Keep a healthy mind and body if you want to attain success at something. One cannot go really very far with an unhealthy state of mind or body. You may always get obstructions because of negativity in your mind or illness in your body. Therefore, make sure that you follow a fitness routine to get engaged in some health activity. Being fit is very important for being an achiever.

These prime secrets of achievers are talked in detail in the videos created by mind valley academy. Subscribe and log in to their page for more information.